These are the programming languages Netflix uses

Manpreet Singh
4 min readApr 23, 2021

Welcome back! These last several days i’ve been writing about the programming languages some of the most popular companies use like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Tesla! Now, let’s talk about the programming languages that Netflix uses! The process of me finding these languages was quite simple, I went to their careers page and noted the most frequent languages that I saw as a requirement.

The Languages

The most common languages I found that Netflix user were: Javascript (HTML and CSS included), Scala, Java, Python, SQL, R , TypeScript and Angular, there were also alot of softwares / technologies that were a requirement as well: Spark, Hive, Kafka and Node.js. If that’s all you wanted to know then you’re welcome ☺️, otherwise let’s go into some more details about all of these languages!

Javascript, HTML and CSS

First off we have Javascript, HTML and CSS, these are massively popular languages mostly used for web design. If there is any set of languages to learn on this list, it’s definitely these three. From almost every software engineering job from any company will pretty much involve these languages, so learning these languages will lead you to becoming a much more powerful programmer.

Typescript and Angular

These languages are pretty similar to one another, they are essentially updates to Javascript. It’s always better to learn both of these languages, but the main difference is that Angular is built by Google and Typescript is built by Microsoft. Both of these frameworks pride themselves on their ability to develop web applications on different platforms, so I would recommend learning both of these languages to improve your chances at getting a job at Netflix!