These are the programming languages Tesla uses

Manpreet Singh
4 min readApr 21, 2021

Welcome back! These last few weeks we’ve been talking about some of the most popular languages massive companies use like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. Now, let’s talk about which programming languages Tesla uses! As I stated in my other articles, in order to find these languages, I made my way over to Tesla’s career page and noted the most common programming languages I saw as requirements:

These languages were: Python, React, PHP, CSS, Node, SQL (MySQL, PostgresSQL, NoSQL), C++, Java, Ruby and Typescript. I also saw quite a few software / technologies as requirements as well, including: Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, Git, AWS and Docker. Let’s get into some details about these languages!


This is one of the most popular languages right now, this language can be used for software engineering or data science. First off, I saw this language as a requirement in a ton of different positions from Tesla, so if you plan on applying at Tesla, learning Python will allow you to apply to a ton of jobs. On top of this, Python isn’t extremely hard to learn, it’s still hard to become an expert (just like any other language) but it’s still a very solid language to know.

React and Typescript

Next up we have React and Typescript, their both a bit different but very similar as well. React is a library for Javascript, it’s developed by Facebook and used by tons of companies across the world. Typescript is basically an updated version of Javascript, this language was developed by Microsoft. Both of these languages are very popular front end languages and many Tesla positions require these languages.

PHP, CSS and Ruby