Why you shouldn’t use React / React Native

Manpreet Singh
3 min readJul 25, 2021

Welcome back! Recently i’ve been dabbling into different types of web frameworks, and I came across React / React Native. They seem to be very powerful frameworks built for Javascript, so let’s be objective for a moment, let’s see why you should avoid using React or React Native. Quick Preface: I personally believe that if you’re currently using this framework then you should continue using it, but for newcomers these are things you should probably consider before using these frameworks.

Built By Facebook

From everything that I’ve heard about this framework, this seems to be the most controversial aspect of it. Facebook has been in the news quite a bit due to privacy concerns, which in turn is taking a hit on other projects they’ve created including React:

Because of this, many people have decided to use other frameworks instead of this one, although nothing could possibly be made of this, it’s still a very popular reason why people avoid React.


Another reason people avoid React is the speed of their applications, although there are ways to improve this, it can take a bit of a toll…