Why you should learn Kotlin in 2022

Manpreet Singh
2 min readJan 16, 2022

Welcome back! Kotlin is an awesome programming language with a ton of capability, if you’re new to Kotlin, check out the link below to learn more about it:

So, let’s talk about some reasons why you should learn Kotlin in 2022!

Kotlin Is Free

A massive reason to use Kotlin is the cost of this language, it’s completely free to use, because of this, Kotlin is a very easy language to setup and use since it’s completely free to use! The creators of this language (JetBrains) also say this language will always be free as well, here is the source code of this language:

Do More With Less

A massive advantage of Kotlin (compared to Java) is that you can write more concise code, this allows us to achieve the same (if not better) projects with less lines of code. In fact, the Jetbrains team mentions that Kotlin cuts around 40% of the lines of code compared to Java!


Kotlin has alot of capability behind this language, according to Jetbrains, this language can be used for almost any kind of development, this includes server-side, client-side web development, Android development, and iOS support is coming very soon as well!

Growing Community

Another massive advantage of learning Kotlin is the growing community of this language, even though Kotlin is a newer language, the company behind this language (Jetbrains) has been developing IDE’s for a very long time, this makes this language have a pretty strong foundation for discoverability. In fact, here is a link to the Kotlin Stack overflow community:

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