Why Software Engineering is better than Data Science

Manpreet Singh
4 min readApr 25, 2021

Welcome back! Software engineering is a very popular field, but Data Science is an emerging similar field as well, so let’s talk about why software engineering is better than data science. First off, both fields are great, one isn’t necessarily the ultimate better one than the other one, that’s why I made the exact reverse of this article: Why Data Science is better than Software Engineering which can be read here, but there are still some benefits to choosing software engineering over data science, let’s get started!

Older Field = More Jobs

One of the main advantages with software engineering is the fact that it’s been around for many years, because of this, there are going to be more jobs for software engineers than data science jobs. Let’s take a look at some job websites:

Indeed states that there are over 124,000 jobs for software engineering:

Where there are about 100,000 jobs less for data science:

I’ve seen this in my personal life as well, when applying to both positions it seems that for every 1 new data science position, there are about 5 more software engineering positions I could apply to. This shouldn’t persuade you from being one or the other though, I would still recommend finding out which position you like more.

Entry Level Positions

One thing I noticed about data science is that there are very few entry level positions, since data science is a higher level position, most will start off as a data analyst then move up to data science. With software engineering, there are a ton of entry level positions, whether you’re fresh out of college or even several years into your career, there is a software engineering position out there for you!

Also, since there are more positions for software engineering, it would theoretically be easier to secure a software engineering position than a data science position (if you were equally qualified for both), this is another massive advantage for software engineering, being able to find the specific job within this…

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