Why Scala is better than Python

Welcome back! As some of you may know, Scala is a fairly popular language inside of the Data Science community and so is Python, so let’s discuss a few reasons why Scala might be a better language to use than Python! First off, learning either one of these is extremely important, I wouldn’t just learn one or the other, rather both. Now, if you plan on using Apache Spark, you can use either language (Python or Scala) but since Spark is developed with Scala, it may make more sense to use that rather than Python, which brings me to my first point:

First off

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Let’s begin!

Performance & Apache Spark

This by far is the main reason I would recommend using a language like Scala over Python, Apache Spark development. Now, Apache Spark is an engine for large scale data processing, it’s a must have skill for Data Scientists. Apache Spark is actually built using Scala, thus causing more of a importance for that language for this specific job rather than Pyhton. Based on some studies, Scala can be up to 10 times faster than Python for these types of projects, so if you plan on developing out a massive project with a lot of data processing, Scala maybe the smarter choice here.


Scala is a statically typed language, this essentially means that the code is checked at compile time rather than run time, why is this important? It actually allows you to catch problems before hand and fix these issues at an early stage. Compared to Python (a dynamically typed language), you may not be able to catch problems until you try to run the program. Why is this a big deal? As I stated before, it allows you to catch problems early on, rather than reading over your new code to find the problem.

Ease Of Learning

Surprisingly, Scala is supposedly easier to learn than Python. From what i’ve seen, this maybe the case, but regardless, having an easier language to learn from the beginning is a very important thing. As i’ve said many times, Python is a very easy language to learn as well, but there could be some advantages of picking up a language like Scala as well for your resume.

There you have it! from what i’ve experienced, these are the main advantages for using Scala over Python. I probably could have stretched this article out to be 3 times as long, but there’s really no point into doing that. As I stated before though, I would never just recommend learning only one language, especially if you’re trying to land your first programming job. Learning both Python and Scala can make you a very powerful engineer and make it easier for you to land your first job!

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