Why Python is better than R

Both Python and R are very important languages to learn for any data processing tasks, so let’s hit on why Python maybe a better language than R. I also just wrote an article about the opposite (Why R is better than Python), so if you want to read that read it here. Let’s get started!

Used by tons of different companies / teams

From my many hours of experience with Python (jk more like days), i’ve found out way more companies, people, teams, etc. use Python for projects more often than R. Honestly, even on my personal projects (even ones I write about on Medium) tend to be in Python more frequently since I assume more people use Python over R, and since it’s rapid growth / overtaking many other languages, it maybe a better option to learn over R.

Arguably more functionality than Python

Python has so much functionality within it, you can build out data pipelines, create machine learning models, make front end software, create games, and so much more! R has a lot of the same functionality as well, but i’ve found that when creating a full fledged project Python might be the better way to go. For data processing tasks R maybe the answer, but I almost always build the front end (GUI) using Python over R (RShiny).

More Machine learning capability

Although Machine Learning can be done with R and Python, almost all of the Machine Learning projects i’ve built was built out using Python just because of the documentation / packages available. From what i’ve read, alot of these Machine Learning packages are built out in Python first, then pretty much rolled over to other languages. So if you’re planning on creating a ton of Machine Learning projects, Python maybe the better way to go!

Python has a massive community

Another huge reason to use Python over R is the massive community behind Python. R still has a big (and growing) community as well, but I feel like whenever I have a problem with Python, i’m able to find more solutions within Python than R. Also, i’ve found that there are more packages available for Python + more documentation as well, so if you’re always running into a lot of issues when creating projects, maybe Python maybe a better way to go.

So there you have it, just a couple reasons why Python maybe better than R! But as I stated in my other article, I HIGHLY recommend learning both Python & R!

Data Scientist / Engineer

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