Welcome back! It’s no secret that I love Python, I’ve written tons of articles about this specific language, but why do I love it so much? Well here are just a few reasons why this is one of my favorite languages i’ve ever used.


There is so much capability behind this specific language. You can do anything from Data Science, web development, Machine Learning development, Front end development (GUI’s) and so much more. Whenever I think about any project, I can always depend on creating a bulk (if not all) of that project using Python. I am simply scratching the surface with my Python knowledge right now, but it feels very liberating to know there is still so much I could be doing with this language, and whenever the situation arises where I do something outside of my scope, I could possibly get the project completed using Python + some Python packages.

Fairly easy to learn / Readability of code

Python is commonly stated as one of the easiest programming languages to learn / read, this is 100% the case in my actual work experience as well. If you’re just starting off programming out a specific project, you may want to consider using Python as a starting point since it’s a fairly easy language to understand. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I do have some Python experience, whenever I get on a new project and look over the source code, Python code is always so much easier to read and understand than most other languages i’ve used. This is one of my favorite reasons to use Python / why I always recommend Python to beginners.

Free with tons of packages

You would be surprised about some of the costs associated with programming, sometimes people have to hire teams of people to create a project, luckily with Python the environment isn’t a cost. First off, unlike some other languages (MATLAB, etc.) there is no cost associated with installing / using Python. Now, if you want to get faster compute times, run your Machine Learning models faster, etc., it may make sense to get better hardware, but to code out any project is completely free using Python! This is another massive reason why people should use Python over other languages and it mitigates costs associated with the development of a project.

Huge Community

Lastly, one of the main reasons I love Python is the very large community behind it. As I mentioned with other languages, anytime I ran into any issue with this language, i’m able to find a solution to it within minutes. Since this language is used by many people, the chances of the you running into the same issue someone else has is very likely. On top of this, there have been so many API’s / Unofficial API’s that have been developed through Python, this allows us to gain even more functionality with this Language. For example, I was trying to find a way to scrape Twitter data without using any credentials, and guess what? Someone else already created an unofficial API that can do this! Beyond than just the capability this language has, you are also gaining a massive community that’s with you every step of the way with your project.

There you have it, those are just a few of my favorite reasons why I love Python, do you have any other reasons you love Python? Let me know on my Twitter or LinkedIn:

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