Top 10 most popular programming languages right now

Welcome back! One thing I always love talking about is programming, but you don’t care what I have to say, so let’s talk about some of the most popular programming languages out there right now. I will be using the TIOBE Index for the hierarchy, so make sure to look at their website for a more updated ranking of this list. Let’s get started!

1. C

Right now C is apparently still one of the most popular languages right now. This language has a ton of capability, you can do everything from creating an operating system, making a GUI, and a lot more. A ton of positions that i’ve seen on the software engineering side use C and it’s an extremely popular programming language for sure!

2. Java

This was the first programming language I ever learned, and it definitely wasn’t an easy process, but Java is a massively popular language. This language allows you to build out a ton of different applications and projects, even Android applications used to be built out using Java. This is a very popular language still for sure.

3. Python

This is one of my favorite languages ever, Python is a very powerful language with a lot of potential. Many companies and positions require knowledge of Python, and from this list it is one of the few languages to actually have an increase in marketshare according to the TIOBE Index.

4. C++

This language is one I still have to learn, but C++ is another language I see a lot on the software engineering side. C++ was originally supposed to be an extension to C, but it essentially has become it’s own language. This language has a lot of features, security and is definitely one of the most popular languages out there right now!

5. C#

This language is another very popular language. It was created by Microsoft in around 2000 has since been a very popular language. Much like the other languages, C# has a lot of capability in developing applications. Also, since it’s developed by Microsoft it has a huge amount of research, features and community behind it.

6. Visual Basic

This is another language created by Microsoft! This language is very popular and there are a ton of jobs requiring this specific language. This language isn’t an extremely hard language to learn + much like C#, it has a huge community behind it, so finding solutions to problems should be an easy process.

7. Javascript

I was surprised to see this one at 7, but Javascript is an insanely powerful language to learn. It is another one of the few languages to actually increase in market share. Javascript is used in a lot of web development projects, GUI’s and pretty much any front end design.

8. PHP

PHP is another very popular language that also increased in market share recently. This language is primarily used for web development, and much like Javascript, it’s a very useful language for frontend development. If you plan on becoming a web developer, learning PHP could be very useful!

9. Assembly Language

This was one of the first languages I learned when I was doing a PhD (I didn’t finish it so don’t call me a Dr. :) ). This language is a low level language that does require a bit of a learning curve, but it’s a very powerful language to learn for sure!

10. SQL

Finally, SQL is another language that I personally use on an everyday basis. SQL allows use to manage data within a database and is used in a lot of different jobs across the IT industry. Whether you're going into data analytics, data science or software engineering, you’re probably going to be using SQL at some point!

There you have it, I definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to some of these languages.

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