This is what Google uses Go (Golang) for

Manpreet Singh
3 min readAug 13, 2021

Welcome back! Go (or Golang) is a fairly popular programming language that seems to be growing by the day, so let’s see how Google uses this fairly new programming language. Fun fact, Google actually developed this language, so it’s even more interesting to see how they use this language. The process of me finding out this information was by going to Google’s career page, looking through relevant positions, and noting the projects Google used Go for:

Let’s take a look at some of these projects!

Software Engineer

First up we have software engineering, Google (much like other companies) utilize Go to develop out a bunch of software. Now, Google does require experience with other languages as well (including Java, Python and C++), so what makes Go different? Well, Go is built “in house” within Google, making it a very flexible language for both software engineering and web development. Below is a screenshot of a sample software engineer qualifications page:


Another massive reason Google uses Go is for their analytics, why does Google use Go for their analytic projects? Since Go has a massive emphasis on speed, this makes it an awesome language for the handling of big data, here are a few different analyst positions that require Golang:

Even beyond Google, there are tons of data analyst positions that require Go experience, if you plan on becoming a data analyst, learning Go could definitely help your career.

Cloud Engineering

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