This is the biggest Swift cheat sheet

Welcome back! I’ve been making a ton of articles discussing some of the best cheat sheets for different programming languages, now let’s talk about Swift and one of the biggest cheat sheets i’ve found for this language, you can access this cheat sheet here:

Before continuing this article I do want to note a very important thing: Although cheat sheets are very useful, it’s still extremely important to understand the language fully by taking tutorials and creating projects. Moving on, I’ll essentially be highlighting some of the main points of this sheet for the rest of this article, so make sure to view that article to get the full information!

Starting off, this sheet covers the basics of this language, it goes into creating variables, function operators and classes for our project (basic programming fundamentals):

Later in the article we talk about instances, loops (while and for) and conditional statements as well. These are extremely important things to be familiar with in any language, including Swift!

We also get into handling dictionaries, arrays and sets as well, these are very important things to be familiar with in the Swift language:

We then get into handling tuples, enumerations and error handlings (try, catch and do) as well!

There you have it! This is definitely one of my favorite cheat sheets for this language, it covers alot of the basics of this specific language. As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t rely on this sheet to learn the entire language but you can familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts of this language!

As Always

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Thanks so much for reading!

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