This is the biggest Python cheat sheet

Welcome back! After scrolling through Reddit for endless hours I stumbled across a post mentioning a huge cheat sheet for Python, as a Python coder myself I was intrigued so I clicked on it and without a doubt, this is a very robust cheat sheet, let’s get into it!

The Sheet

Without boring you for another few minutes let me just link to the actual cheat sheet here:

Now this is a Github “project”, but you don’t really have to download anything, all of the information on the page is listed as a document of the page:

Now im not going to regurgitate what’s on this page, I will tell you though that there is a lot of value in this specific page. This guide essentially breaks down Collections Types, Syntax, System commands, Data Types, Advanced commands and different Libraries for Python as well.

I will tell you that if you plan on learning Python straight from this sheet it’s probably not a good idea. This is not a tutorial, you will not learn Python from scratch from any cheat sheets, it’s more so just a check list, but these are still extremely important tools to use before interviewing, which reminds me:

Story Time

This is just a quick story that i’m sure no one cares about but: a few years ago I got my first full time job, this position required experience with R, at that time I had used R for a summer class in college, other than that never really used it again. When I was waiting for the actual interview in the waiting area I looked over the job requirements and read it required experience with R, at that moment I didn’t really remember much with that language, I quickly searched for a cheat sheet for R and read that through several times until my interviewers were ready. Once in the interview I pretty much just stated everything that was in the cheat sheet, luckily for me the interviewers weren’t extremely technical and I landed my first job as a Data Analyst. This specific situation is definitely not something I would recommend anyone to go through but a cheat sheet can definitely help you prepare for the most important concepts of an interview.

I would pretty much recommend everyone to take a look at this cheat sheet, it goes through a lot of the basics that are pretty much a requirement to know. Whether you plan on going into software engineering, data science or anything else, learning these concepts will be the fundamental building blocks for your programs.

As Always

if you have any suggestions, thoughts or just want to connect, feel free to contact / follow me on Twitter! Also, below is a link to some of my favorite resources for learning programming, Python, R, Data Science, etc.

Thanks so much reading!

Data Scientist / Engineer

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