These programming languages have the highest salaries

Welcome back! Let’s talk about which programming languages tend to have the highest salaries. First off, no matter what language you know now, it’s still super important to learn more than one language. To be honest, for almost any position i’ve applied for / had, I have always been required to know at least 3 different programming languages (most of the time). Thankfully, the website compiled a list which shows us the programming languages with the highest salaries!

1. Go, Salary: $112,092

Starting off, Go is a somewhat popular language which has a ton of capability. First off, this language was actually designed at Google, secondly, it’s a little bit of a newer language compared to others on this list (it was created in 2009). Since it really hasn’t been around for many years, theres technically less people who know this language than others. This language has tons of capability, you can build out API’s and other micro-service functions from it.

2. Ruby, Salary: $104,988

Next up we have Ruby, this language was created over 26 years ago, making it one of the older languages on this list. Ruby actually handles a couple of different paradigms including object oriented, procedural and functional programming. For the most part, Ruby is used for building out web applications, but you can use this language for data processing and prototyping.The average salary for this language is $104,988, making it one of the best programming languages to learn for a higher salary.

3. Swift, Salary: $101,589

This language is a very popular language right now and it only seems to be getting bigger by the day. Swift is a programming language created by Apple, it originally came out in 2014 so it’s really not even that old. This is the primary language for application development for iOS, so if you plan on building iPhone apps, this is probably the best language to learn for this. On top of this, the IDE for this language also supports compiling C, C++ and Objective C. In my opinion, if you plan on learning a language for the future, this is probably the language to learn in my opinion.

4. Objective-C: $101,285

Up next we have Objective C, this language is also a very popular language used for a ton of different things. This language is an object oriented programming language used in a ton of different companies. From what i’ve seen, for a lot of the software engineering jobs that i’ve looked at, objective C is one of those languages i’ve seen all of the time in the job descriptions. With an average salary over $101,285, it makes sense to learn this language for sure.

5. Java, Salary: $101,192

This language is one of the most popular languages around the world, it’s used in tons of different softwares, applications and so much more. This language was first seen in 1995, so over 25 years ago! Making it one of the older languages on this list as well. This language was the first programming language I technically “learned”, I definitely am not that great at this language, but there is still a lot of power behind this programming language for sure.

6. Python, Salary: $100,742

This is by far one of my favorite programming languages that I know, if you are an avid reader of my articles you are probably aware of this. Python is a very powerful object oriented language that can do everything from Machine learning, software development, web development, game development, data processing and so much more! This language was first founded in 1991, so over 30 years ago! This is definitely one of the older programming languages on this list as well! Python is used in a ton of different companies all across the world, so whether you’re just starting off on your coding journey or even if you’re years into it, learning Python is a very important thing you can do.

7. C++, Salary: $100,500

Finally, C++ is another massively popular language being used in tons of different companies all across the world. C++ was first founded in 1985! Making it the oldest programming language on this list! What’s interesting is, even though this language is so old, it’s still extremely relevant. C++ has a lot of capabilities, you can build games, operating systems, browsers, really any application can be built using C++. As i’ve mentioned before, whenever I looked at applying to any software engineering position, C++ was one of the most common languages to know.

There you have it! As I always mention, I would highly recommend learning more than one of these languages, this will ensure that you become a more powerful engineer. Also, if you don’t know any of these languages I wouldn’t really freak out about it, just pick one and take some tutorials, if you enjoy it, awesome! If you don’t enjoy it just move on to a different language. Hopefully you enjoyed the article!

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