The best React.JS cheat sheet

Manpreet Singh
3 min readJul 9, 2021

Welcome back! As some of you may know, React is an awesome Javascript library used for developing user interfaces, there is alot to learn with this library, so what if there was a cheat sheet that highlights the high level information of this library? Well, there are actually tons of them, but let’s cover one of my favorite ones that contains a ton of information! Below is a link to this specific sheet:

Now, the remainder of this article is going to cover some of the highlights of this specific sheet, so be sure to view / credit the original cheat sheet above. Starting off, this sheet covers the standard components of this specific library:

This sheet then showcases the many different points of React, including the multiple exports, properties, children, states and nesting capibility of this library:

The sheet then showcases some of the defualts of React.JS, this includes settings up the defaults props and default states:

The sheet then covers the other components of React, this includes the functional, pure and the different API calls as well:

A bit further down on the sheet, it covers the DOM nodes / event handling: