Programming Languages I Want To Learn In 2022

Manpreet Singh
3 min readMar 25, 2022

Welcome back! Programming is one of my favorite things to do (well, sometimes it is), and I wanted to set a goal for 2022, I wanted to learn a few more languages this year, I definitely won’t be an expert of these languages by the end of this year, but I want to know my way around these languages. So, let’s take a look at a few of these languages I want to learn this year!


First off we have Swift, I’ve personally used Swift for a few projects back in the day, but I’m definitely not comfortable building out big projects with this language, yet. Swift is also the future of iOS/macOS development, although we have different languages/frameworks that can help us build applications for these operating systems, having the understanding of the native language of those operating systems can definitely help. If you want to learn more about Swift, check out their official documentation page below:


Next up we have Dart, this is the programming language used to build apps within Flutter. Dart allows us to code out awesome applications and since it was built by Google it already has a ton of marketing power behind it. This language / framework has seen a massive growth by 47% in a single year, so if you’re going into app development, Dart is an awesome language to learn. If you want to learn more about this programming language check out the website below: