Popular Websites that use React

Welcome back! React is a very popular Javascript library created by Facebook, so let’s talk about some of the most popular websites that use this specific framework. First off, if you want to learn about this framework check out this link below:

Let's get started!


First off, one of the largest websites that uses React is Facebook, the reason this is the case is because Facebook created React. In case you don’t know, Facebook is a massive social media website, it handles tons of different user profiles, messaging and many other aspects within the website so it’s a very good example of what could possibly be made with React.


Next up we have Instagram, another website built with React (specifically with react native), this is an extremely popular social media website also built by Facebook. A few years ago Instagram pushed out a blog showcasing how react native was used at Instagram, check out their blog below:

They essentially talk about the importance of React native and how integrating react native into an existing app can cause challenges rather than developing the app in react native in the beginning with.

WhatsApp (website)

Next up we have another Facebook owned company, Whatsapp. This specific app is a massive messaging app, however there is a website counterpart that is built on react, if you want to access the website check out the link down below:


Next up we have Twitter, another massive social media website that also uses React. Funny enough, under their developer page they actually showcase a couple of projects that use React, check out the link down below to view that project:

At this point you can probably get the idea that React can be used for a ton of different social media types of websites.


Next up we have Netflix, a movie streaming website that handles a ton of user data and video streams as well, if you want to access this website check out the link below:

Under their Netflix blog on Medium they mentioned in 2017 how they were beginning to implement React onto some projects:

This is an example of another large website that has used React for their company.


Lastly we have PayPal, this specific website utilizes a couple of different frameworks and libraries, but on their developer blog they showed us that they use React for parts of their website:

PayPal is a massive company that seems to be used by everyone, the fact that they use React as well showcases the versatility that a library like React has.

There you have it! These are definetely not all of the websites that use this library but it does showcase a range of what can be done with React. If you know any other websites that use React please let me know! I can always update these articles with newer additions!

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