Most in demand programming languages for freelancing

Welcome back! Recently I’ve been talking about freelancing quite a bit, now lets talk about some of the most in demand programming languages for freelancing. Starting off, you can freelance using any programming language, just post your skill set on a freelancing website and you’ll be good to go, but it’s also good to know the most needed languages out there.

HTML, CSS & Javascript

Starting off we have HTML, CSS and Javascript, this is essentially the trio of website creation. To be honest, alot of the freelancing positions I saw were related to web / UI development, if you want to get into a booming industry within freelancing learning these languages is a must have in my opinion. Later on in this article I mention a few other tools for web development, but there are still a ton of people who need to contract out someone who understands these languages, take a look for yourself from Upworks page just for website freelancers:


Next up we have Swift, this is an insanely popular language used for iOS / iPadOS app development. The reason this language is in such demand is that this is still a really popular way to put an app on the Apple app store, there are different ways to go around this but for the most part you need to understand Swift to make a native iPhone app. Although there is probably less demand for a Swift developer than a web developer, there is also way less competition, take a look at some of the iPhone app development jobs on Upwork:


Next up we have Python, another very popular language used for software engineering, data science and a whole lot more. Since Python is widely used in a various amounts of projects, you have alot of opportunities by knowing this language, the other important thing is understanding the different packages within your scope. If you plan on going into data science, you need to understand Pandas, Numpy and some machine learning packages at the core, if you plan on going into software engineering you’ll have to understand Tkinter, Streamlit or PyQT. Take a look at Upworks Python job page to see more:


Lastly we have Java, a very popular language used for tons of different things. One of the main things I used is for GUI development and mobile app development, since a majority of Android apps are still built with Java this definitely makes sense. Java is still one of the most popular programming languages out there, if you want to see some actual Java freelance job postings check out the link down below:

So those were a majority of the popular languages I saw, I do want to note some other tools that maybe beneficial in freelancing. Now, these aren’t programming languages but I saw a ton of freelancing jobs wanting experience with these. Those frameworks / tools are: Flutter, React Native and Angular, if you want to learn more about these frameworks here are their websites:


React Native:


There you have it! Please let me know any other programming languages / frameworks that maybe in demand. Also, if you have any freelancing experience with these programming languages please free to leave a comment with your experience!

As Always

if you have any suggestions, thoughts or just want to connect, feel free to contact / follow me on Twitter! Also, below is a link to some of my favorite resources for learning programming, Python, R, Data Science, etc.

Thanks so much for reading!

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