Learn web development from Microsoft!

Manpreet Singh
2 min readNov 26, 2021

Welcome back! Web development is an amazing field with tons of growth, if you’re new to web development, check out the link below to learn more about it:

Believe it or not, Microsoft has tons of courses available for free for a range of disciplines, this time around, lets talk about their course for web development. Luckily for us, this course is hosted on GitHub, check out the link below to jump straight to it:

This course also has it’s own website (on GitHub), check out the link below to go to this website:

Once you load into the website, you can see how much information is packed into this course:

You can also see what is included in this course as well:

When you scroll down a bit you can see how many lessons are built into this course, currently, there are over 24 lessons in total, you can also see how many lessons are built into this course as well:

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend you all to check this course out, it has a ton of information built into it, and if you plan on becoming a web developer, this is a great way to build some foundation.

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