How to make a iPhone app / game

Welcome back! iPhone apps have been such a growing industry, but you maybe asking yourself: Where do I start? What languages should I use? Let’s me go ahead and give a high level overview of how to make an iPhone app. Keep in mind that this is a very basic overview, i’ll be making other coding based tutorials later about this, but by the end of this you should have a good understanding of what is needed to make an iPhone app ☺️

First off, there are many different coding / non coding methods of developing an iPhone app, most importantly though, Apple has created their own language for creating iPhone / iPad apps: Swift, but you can also use Objective C if needed. This is pretty much the main way to make a iPhone application, however, it isn’t the only way. There are tons of other ways to create an app without even coding, but to get the most control of the app, most people tend to use Swift or Objective C.

Let’s move onto another huge differentiating factor, apps vs games. For application development Swift or Objective C is the better way to go, but these languages can also handle game development as well, but they aren’t the only ways to create a game. The software Unity is a very large game development engine that allows you to develop games for many different operating systems, including iOS! From my experience, when developing a game with Unity, there seems to be many more tutorials and documentation for Unity than standard Swift, there are some drawbacks with using Unity, but it would be an awesome place to look into when developing games for iOS.

Finally, once the app is created, we would need to upload it to the Apple App Store, this process requires you to have an Apple Developer Account (the cost is $99 annually), although it is pricey it allows you to upload as many apps and games that you want which is awesome! At this point, you would essentially just need to market the app and somehow monetize the app as well. That’s pretty much the high level overview of the process of creating an app or game for your iPhone! Again, i’ll have many more coding tutorials about every step of this process, but for now congratulations for understanding the birds eye view process of creating an iPhone app / game!

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