How to install Node.js on Mac / Windows

Welcome back! Node.js is a very powerful framework for you to run your Javascript programs without your browser, so let’s go ahead and install it!

First off

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Let’s begin!


We first want to make our way over to the official Node.js download page, click the link below to go to that page:

Once on that page, you want to click on the specific installer that suits your need, for me, i’m using a Mac, but you maybe using a Windows machine. All you have to do is click on your specific OS and specify any extra requirements you need:

At this point, you want to double click on the package that was downloaded, once opened you’ll get into the standard installer, this may look familiar with other applications you may have downloaded / installed:

All you have to do at this point is follow through with the installer:

Awesome! All we have to do now is go into our terminal / command prompt and type in the following command:

node -v

If all went right, you should see the version of your Node.js that was installed on your machine:

Great! You have just successfully installed Node.js on your machine! Enjoy running your Javascript applications!

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