Fast Ways To Make GUI’s With Golang

Manpreet Singh
3 min readApr 19, 2022

Welcome back! Golang is an awesome programming language with a bunch of capability, if you’re new to Golang, check out the link below to learn more about it:

So, let’s talk about some ways we can develop GUI’s quickly with Golang!


One of the best ways to develop a GUI with Golang is by using the Fyne package, this is a GUI library natively built for Golang! This package allows you to develop a GUI pretty quickly, but it also allows you to customize this GUI however you want to, here is a link to their website below:

You can also read my article that breaks down this package:

Gio UI

Another awesome GUI package for Go is Gio UI, this specific package supports many different OS’s, these include: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux as well! If you want to see some examples of this package, check out the link below:

If you want to install this package, check out the link below: