Everything you need to know about Python in 2022

Manpreet Singh
4 min readJan 1, 2022

Welcome back! Python is one of my favorite programming languages of all time, it can really be used to build anything, and if you’re wanting to learn about Python, you’ve came to the right place! Now, i’m going to cover Python in a very high level, I won’t go into crazy detail about the coding aspect, more-so, the power this language has. Starting off, the official website of this language is Python.org, linked below:

if you want to download/install this language, here is the link to do so:

Why Learn Python?

In my opinion, Python is one of the most important programming languages out there, and it only seems to be growing in popularity, in fact, I’ve written quite a few articles last year about the growing popularity of this language:

This is one of the most popular programming languages out there, even in 2022, I see this language growing. Another reason to learn Python is because most companies use this language, last year I looked through many different company’s and their open positions, almost every single job posting (for programming positions) had Python as a required skill, here are a few of those articles about that: