Build a Medium Clone With Django!

Manpreet Singh
2 min readJan 18, 2022

Welcome back! Django is an awesome Python web framework with a ton of capability, if you’re new to Django, check out the link below to learn more about it:

So, let’s talk about an awesome Django project, this project involves building out a clone of Medium! Luckily for us, this project is hosted on GitHub, check out the link below to view this project:

This project uses React, Angular, Node, and Django as well, so this project gives you a brief introduction of those web development tools.

This project is a great example of the capability of these tools, here is a link to the completed project:

Although this project isn’t completely the full experience, it’s still pretty close to the real world example:

If you want to see a real world example of the capability behind Django as well as these other web development tools, this is an awesome way to build out some experience, do you plan on checking this project out? I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

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