Best Python projects to finish in a weekend

Manpreet Singh
4 min readMay 15, 2021

Welcome back! Python is an amazing language with tons of capability, so here are some random Python projects i’ve created that you can complete in a weekend! These projects range from web scraping, game creation, website building and some machine learning projects as well, all using Python! Let’s get started!

Website Scraping With Python

Starting off, one of my favorite things to do with Python is web scraping, I utilize it all of the time, here is a recent tutorial I created that shows you how to scrape websites using a very popular Python package call BeatifulSoup:

This tutorial covers the basics of web scraping in general, understanding HTML code that can be transferred over to any other web scraper. Later in the article we begin scraping actual websites including Google, Indeed and Facebook, if you have no web scraping experience this is a great tutorial to get started with pulling data from websites, it’s also a huge plus that we use Python as well!

Building a Flask Web Page

Next up we have website development using Python, we also use a very popular package called Flask, here is the tutorial:

There are several different web frameworks for Python, Flask is one of the most recommended ones out there. Regardless of whether or not you want to go into web development, it is still extremely useful to know the basics of a web framework, whether it’s Django or Flask, knowing the basics of web development (especially using Python) is a very important thing you can do for your Python experience.

Scraping Data From Youtube

Next up we have web scraping with Youtube, this takes a bit of a different…

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