Best Python cheat sheets for software engineering

Welcome back! I’ve been talking about a ton of different cheat sheets for different programming languages, now let’s get a little bit more specific, let’s cover the best cheat sheet for software engineering with Python, below is a link to the specific sheet that we’ll be referencing throughout this article:

The remainder of this article is essentially a high level overview of this sheet, so be sure to check out the full sheet above. Starting off, this sheet covers alot of the basics of this language, starting off with the different data types of this langauge:

This sheet then immediately jumps into actual programming, we then learn how to create strings, variable declaration and different built in Python functions:

We then get into actual function declaration, this is another massive part of software engineering within Python, this sheet goes into a ton of detail about this specific portion:

The sheet then gets into list creation, managing those lists and looping through the lists as well, we also get into list comprehension immediately after. We then get into if statements right after this:

We then cover the different loops within Python, this includes for and while loops as well!

Finally, this sheet covers developing classes, this is essentially the object oriented portion of this sheet, this is a very important piece to the software engineering portion of this sheet:

There you have it! This is one of the best cheat sheets for Python specifically for software engineering, did you go through this cheat sheet? I would love to hear about your experience!

As Always

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Thanks so much for reading!

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