Best Python cheat sheets for data science

Manpreet Singh
3 min readMay 26, 2021

Welcome back! I’ve been talking about some of the best cheat sheets for many different languages, now let’s get a little bit more specific, let’’s talk about the best cheat sheets for Python specifically for data science! This is a compilation of different cheat sheets that cover a couple of different areas, starting with the basics of Python all the way to some machine learning aspects of this language.

Beginner Python Syntax

For the beginning Python syntax for standard data processing below is an awesome cheat sheet that allows this:

This sheet covers the basics of getting started with Python, as well as some of the basic syntax / packages related to data science!

Data Importing, Cleaning and Exporting

The next sheet gets a little bit more hands on with actual data sets. This sheet covers the basics of handling excel, csv, JSON and even reading data from databases, check out the link below to view this article:

This is a great setup to the next several sheets, this should allow you to understand the basics of Python as well as handling different data sets.

Machine Learning Cheat Sheets

Finally let’s hit on another important aspect to data science, machine learning! The next several sheets hit on a couple of different machine learning packages for this framework, I have to reiterate that you can’t really learn machine learning just from these sheets but it’s a great way to refresh your knowledge. Starting off we…

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