Best free online courses for Javascript

Welcome back! As always, let’s talk about some of the best free courses for Javascript that are online!

First off

As always, if you have any suggestions, thoughts or just want to connect, feel free to contact / follow me on Twitter! Also, below is a link to some of my favorite resources for learning programming, Python, R, Data Science, etc.

Let’s begin!

CodeCademy Javascript Course

It wouldn’t be a course list without hitting on CodeCademy’s Javascript course, within this course theres actually over 30 hours of of content, this course ranges from the very basics of programming and they also have some sample projects you can code out afterwards.

Click here to go to the course!

Udemy Javascript Courses

Next up we have Udemy’s Javascript courses, within this page there are tons of different courses that are available. These courses range from the basics of Javascript, but they also offer some courses on game development within Javascript as well!

Access this course here!

UPenn edx Javascript Course

The next course has to be the Javascript course given by The University of Pennsylvania offered by This course covers a lot of different stuff, first off, it’s about a 4 week course, specialized for beginners and even offers a paid $149 certificate at the end of the course!

Access this course here!

W3Cx edx Javascript Course

Another edx course, this one is offered by W3Cx. This course covers alot of the basics of Javascript, HTML and CSS, it’s covered in a span of 5 weeks with about 6–8 hours per week. This is another massive course I would highly recommend people to take!

Access this course here!

Udacity Intro To Javascript Course

Lastly, the intro to Javascript course offered by Udacity is a very powerful course for beginners, it’s a 2 week course focused on the beginner aspects of this language. This course covers everything from the different data types, conditional statements, loops, functions and arrays.

Access the course here!

There you have it, these are some very powerful courses to get your feet wet into Javascript development!

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