Best Free Certifications For Software Engineers

Welcome back! Here are some of the best free certifications that i’ve seen that you should definitely look into! They range from programming certifications, IT certifications and some other ones for added variety ☺️, let’s get started!

You may have already stumbled across this website, but FreeCodeCamp actually provides several different certificates for free. First off, their website is very easy to navigate and the courses are built out fairly well, if I was starting off, I would definitely consider going through these courses within this website for the certificates. These certificates range from front end development, machine learning development and even back end programming as well!

This is definitely one of my favorite websites ever, this is a one stop shop for many different free courses / certifications! First off, edx seems to be more course driven, so you would pretty much sign up for a course, complete the course and get a certificate, do keep in mind that it is a mixture of paid / free certificates. Edx offers free courses for Harvard, MIT and many other colleges, and having these courses / certificates on your resume can really make you stand out!

AWS Educate

AWS Educate is Amazons offering into their cloud architecture, although this isn’t a super programming intensive certification, it does allow you to have a solid background in a industry standard tool. First off, if you’re a student these courses / certifications are free! Secondly, you can throw AWS on your resume after you finish up these free courses and gain the certificates from them, this is another massive asset you could add to your resume!


SoloLearn is another massive company that offers both free courses / certificates. First off, as I stated before, certificates aren’t necessarily a substitute for a degree, but they can be a solid confirmation to an employer that you know that specific language. SoloLearn offers certificates in several different core languages including Python, Java, Javascript and even C++!


Finally, Coursera offers not only many free courses, but several different free certificates as well. Not too long ago, Coursera offered over 100 free certificates for selected courses, this was a massive aid to many people who were stuck indoors due to the pandemic. Within Coursera there are many different courses about Machine learning, introductions to many different languages, IT infrastructure and so much more, most of you already know this but Coursera can be a massive aid to your resume!

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know what your favorite free certificates are!

Data Scientist / Engineer

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