Amazing Python projects for complete beginners

Manpreet Singh
4 min readOct 16, 2021

Welcome back! Python is one of my favorite programming languages of all time, so if you’re a complete beginner to Python, you maybe looking for some beginner projects, luckily for you, I got you covered. Let’s take a look at some amazing Python projects for complete beginners, if you don’t have Python installed on your machine, check out this tutorial to get it installed:

Let’s get started!

Extract Data From PDF

Starting off we have a fairly easy project to build out, extracting data from PDF’s! Check out the link below for the full tutorial to build out this project:

This project covers parsing out data from a PDF, storing it as a variable and even plotting out the most frequent words from the PDF. This is a very powerful project that can help you understand the data extraction process with Python.

Scraping Data From Youtube

Next up we have web scraping with Youtube, this takes a bit of a different approach than the first tutorial on this page, mostly because we’re using a different package, here is that tutorial:

The specific package we’re using is Selenium, this is a very powerful web scraper that also allows us to control the web page (almost as if a user was using the website). In my opinion, this is my…