AI Drake Sounds Better Than Actual Drake

Manpreet Singh
2 min readApr 27

Welcome back! AI is probably one of the most popular terms right now, I’ve seen so many people create AI projects, and one of the craziest ones of recent times is AI songs. Basically, a person will create an entire song, then change the voice of the audio and make the song sound like someone else created it. Now, we’ve seen covers of songs and even people who have sounded like certain musicians (think of Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley), but these songs are not made by people who sound like them, their created to sound like them.

One of the most popular “AI” songs right now is called Heart On My Sleeve, it’s a song written and created by a person called Ghostwriter, I tried to link the song below but all of the songs keep getting deleted on YouTube, so here’s the most recent one I could find:

This song is supposed to be a Drake + The Weeknd song, and in my personal opinion, it sounds like a really decent song! In fact, this song sounds better than the latest official Drake song, hear for yourself:

So, although it’s a really cool thing what AI is doing, what happens when the AI song from an artist sounds better than the official song from the same artist? As of right now, there is still alot of human input on these AI songs, really the main thing that’s being “AI” produced (as of right now) is the sound of the voice, however, things can change very fast, maybe next year you can use AI to generate the voice for you instead of you actually speaking.

In my opinion, I think there is going to be a ton of regulation going on in the music industry, and all of these music streaming platforms are going to change a lot of their policies as well, but it’s definitely an interesting time we’re living in right now.

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