3 different games you can build with Python

Manpreet Singh
3 min readAug 30, 2021

Welcome back! As most of you know, Python is a very versatile language, you can do everything from building machine learning models all the way to building websites, one of the things you can do with Python is build games, so let’s hit on a few different games you could build out with Python. Now, there are a few different game libraries you could choose, one of the most popular ones is PyGame, if you want to learn more about this library, check out the link below:

Let’s take a look at some of these games!

Building Flappy Bird

The first game we have is a bit of a random game, but some of you may actually remember this one. Flappy Bird was a very popular game that came out several years ago, this game has since been a very popular game to replicate, it’s been built out in several different languages (including Python), here is a full tutorial on how to build out this project:

Since this project is hosted on GitHub you can easily download it and run it, the code was very simple to walk through as well. If you’re new to game development, this is an awesome game that you can build to learn the fundamentals of Python and PyGame.

Angry Birds

Next up we have another bird game, this time it’s Angry Birds. This specific game is one of the most popular games ever downloaded, it’s also been made into a movie (random, I know). This specific project uses…